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Ambiental 3.1.1

Ambiental 3.1.1 is a load insurance product with integrated environmental coverage and assistance, with emphasis in prevention and management of the emergency attendance process.

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Surprise you is the highest recognition that the TAC can receive.

Tac Transport is among the largest and best transport and logistics companies in the country operating revenue. And yet , it is considered the 5th in return on equity. This recognition shows the dedication and concern we have with the business of our customers and employees .

Social Responsibility

Selo Social

TAC has an active ownership culture brings together the needs presented to society. Believes in sustainable growth , supporting social projects , based on ethical , moral and human values.

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Empresa certificada ISO 9001

ISO 9001

"A Agilidade que surpreende com a qualidade reconhecida e certificada pela ISO 9001."

Este certificado de excelência confirma o comprometimento de toda a equipe, com o alto padrão de qualidade no atendimento, nos serviços prestados e nos processos desempenhados.

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